About Softpaq

   With experts both in the United States and Asia, Softpaq prides itself as a multi-cultural working network
    translating to almost 24 hours of development scenario and collaboration, giving you the best of both worlds.
    This also means that your engagement with us will be superbly flexible as our people inject a good dose of
    localization on what needs to be accomplished.

    Knowledgeable in many major technologies and running the most up-to-date applications, Softpaq offers
    services within a top-notch technological infrastructure ranging from Software Development, Business Process
    Management (BPM), Data Management and Business Intelligence, .net Migration, Software Quality Assurance,
    Customer Relationship Management, Web Development and e-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization and
    Marketing, plus much more.

    Decades' worth of experiences places us in the front line of providing successful and sustainable solutions to our
    clients, with industries ranging from Consumer Goods, Offshoring, Customer Service, and many more.

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